2014 Car and Truck Of The Year Nominees

2014 Car and Truck Of The Year Nominees

Every year at America’s biggest Auto Show, “The Detroit Auto Show“. The North American Car and Truck of the year are announced. The winner of North American Car & Truck of the year will experience a surge in sales that same way an Oscar winner gets a surge in attention. Car Shoppers are always attracted to a winner.

Last year the 2014 car of the year was given to the 60th anniversary Chevrolet Corvette. For the 2015 the field is very competitive. The three finalists for North American car of the year include the VW Golf. Celebrating 40 years, the Golf has already been named as the Motor Trend car of the year. Joining it on the short list is the 50th anniversary Ford Mustang, which now gets an EcoBoost engine and the new Shelby Mustang GT350 version will have the most powerful naturally aspirated engine Ford have ever produced. The final nominee is the Hyundai Genesis. Well designed, exquisitely manufactured and crafted. Nimbler and lighter then the previous generation and now with a V6 engine. This new Genesis is the best car Hyundai have ever made and it has a very good chance to win, but the mustang is the clear favorite.

Nominees for North American Truck/Utility vehicle of the year include the Chevy Colorado. The smaller lighter trucks have seen a rebirth in the last few years and Chevy have done a very good job making the Colorado. It comes with all the amenities you would expect in a Chevy with the added bonus of the Onstar 4G LTE WIFI connection that is a must in any new vehicle. The Colorado is joined by the best Lincoln designed for 30 years the MKC. This small Escape size CUV/SUV is well put together, pleasantly designed with premium materials. Something that will help Lincoln get back on the map. The final nominee is the favorite the Truck/Utility category. The all new Aluminum Ford F150. Lighter, with better fule economy and the Ford F150 remains the best selling vehicle in America. This year my prediction is that Ford will walk away with all the honors. I expect the North American Car of the year to be the Ford Mustang in its 50th year, and the North American truck of the year is expected to be the all Aluminum new Ford F150. We have to wait until January 12th to find out who the winner are.

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