American’s Are Going SUV Crazy

American’s Are Going SUV Crazy

SUV’s are all the craze in North America and we are seeing cars that will be made and some cars that may be made. Two impressive SUV’s concepts have already been seen this year. The Kia Telluride. This massive 3rd row SUV is an uncharted boat for Kia. This is something they have not done before, create such a big vehicle. The concept is plug in hybrid electric, it will give you a health report from sensors built into the seats and will even display your vital signs on the inside of the doors. Lincoln have been showing off their new concept of the navigator. Once the king of the class, Lincoln are looking to recapture the brand’s heyday with a new generation of the full size SUV. The design is overall big but gentle, with the new Lincoln grill and concertina fold out steps along with gull wing doors. Ironically the interior mimics a high end boat and has a wardrobe management system

Onto cars we know will be made Cadillac are back with another new car the XT5. The begins the next era of Cadillac’s and replaces the SRX. The XT5 will have more space, more technology, and better efficiency. The starting price will be under $40,000. Coming in the summer of this year a new MDX from Acura. This time around it will be a hybrid with the same engineering as the NSX. The MDX is already the best selling luxury SUV of all time. It will have semi autonomous features and surround view cameras. The added bonus is that it is designed and built in America. Finally Hyundai have a new version of the Santa Fe, that takes care of every row of passengers including the 3rd row where the occupants are treated to USB charging ports. If you have to sit in the 3rd row at least you should use your tablet. Now the Sante Fe will be in dealerships this summer starting at $23,350.

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Published on: April 14, 2016

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