Northwest’s Green Vehicle of the Year Award

The Future is EVBMW-X5-eDrive40e-plug-in-hybrid_0008

The results are in. Our local journalists have chosen this year’s Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year! The Northwest Automotive Press Association had their annual drive revolution event in portland this week, with members of the automotive media judging the best northwest green vehicles available. And we have the winners

There are 4 categories. Hybrids, plug-ins, green luxury, and the best overall green vehicle. In the hybrid category, honda took the win with the new accord. 49 miles per gallon, good looking, well made and starting out at $30,000, but topping out at $35k. Its has room, reliability, Der neue Volkswagen e-Golfand gobs of safety

In the plug-in category, the car that got the most votes was the VW E-golf. The E-Golf model starts at $35k but the car is almost identical to the regular golf and that is a huge plus for those that don’t want an electric car that looks like an electric car. Luxury green cars are a fast growing category, the new Acura NSX got the most votes by far. 3 motors one v6 twin turbo engine, AWD, a top speed of 191 miles an hour makes it a home run. Who wouldn’t look good in this is the real question.

But finally, the best car that was tested over all was the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. This car is an absolute masterpiece of engineering. Well made efficient, beautifully designed and with an electric range of 53 miles and a total range 420 miles. It starts at $33,000 and if you are in the market for a green car it is a must for your shopping list. I would be bold enough to say it is the best car chevy have made for 20 years. Those cars that won will receive award trophies at a ceremony in Oregon later in the year. Now these vehicles range all the way from a starting price of $30k all the way up to $205k.

2016 Chevrolet Volt


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