Like the latest Volkswagen Jetta. In this survey the results suggest that women are attracted to men who make practical car choices.

The latest survey shows that 56 percent of women have the view that men who drive exotic cars like Ferrari’s or Maserati’s are show offs and are arrogant. These types of traits are not what Women seem to be looking for in a stable relationship.

To make the situation worse for exotic car lovers, 17 percent of women who participated in the latest survey think that men who have an exotic taste in cars are insecure.

[su_pullquote]”almost half think a car choice reflects a man’s image of himself”[/su_pullquote]According to the survey women do think that a car reflects a men’s economic status, but almost half think a car choice reflects a man’s image of himself.

The latest survey goes on to show that 11% of women believe that a single man’s choice of vehicle shows his feelings about having a family. So if you are ready to have kids and settle down I suggest a minivan when dating.

The big question is will your car choice help you find a perfect mate? The result is yes. One fifth of women surveyed said they found a man more attractive after finding out what car he drives.

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Published on: April 29, 2014

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